Wednesday, July 11, 2001


Some people may be wondering why I don't update as often as I used to.

Well, here's the reason. I just can't get gung-ho about blogging the way I was a couple of months ago.

Maybe there was much more going on in the blogger world than there is now. Maybe I still feel kind of betrayed by the Kaycee stuff. Or maybe there isn't much going on in my life.

Actually, there is quite a bit going on right now. I am about to move into a duplex in the city. I am really looking forward to that. A chance to get away from the parents (who, BTW are driving me up the wall and across the ceiling).

A chance to get away from this small town.

But back to the blogger.

I have been reading my earlier entries. I have to admit, I cringe at some of them now. I think I was trying to be too much like a "Cutesy".

Maybe the guy on Metafilter had a point when he said that I was a "serious dork".

I think I have changed quite a bit this summer. I think I am finally becoming an adult.
Or, maybe I am deluding myself again.

Sunday, July 08, 2001


Seems like Eric isn't gonna update his site for awhile....

Too sad, too. I really enjoy reading it. I hope everything is going OK for him.
Have a great break, buddy.