Saturday, June 30, 2001

Vacation: Day 0.5

Well, today officially starts my vacation. Vacation from what, you may ask?

Vacation from my hectic life.

Here is my itenerary for the week:

Tomorrow: Go see the RedHawks play in Oklahoma City
Sunday: ??
Monday: Leave for Kansas City, MO to see my brother
Tuesday: Still in KC
Wednesday: Still in KC
Thursday: Return from KC
Friday: Get ready for my grandfather's 80th Bday party
Saturday: My grandfather's 80th Bday party
Sunday: ??

So I have a pretty packed week this next week.

Today, I kicked the madness off by going to the mall. I didn't buy much of anything; I just looked around. I also went to the Chinese buffet to eat. Yum. THey had all you can eat peel and eat shrimp, plus all sorts of other goodies.

I read my fortune cookie. It said,

"Someone special admires you."

Hmmmmm....I wonder who that could be?

Anyhoo, I have compiled a list of things to do while on vacation:

1. Make at least one new friend.
2. Relax and not worry about anything for at least 5 minutes. (A more noble goal than may first appear)
3. Not blow all my money in a casino
4. Continue my collection of cool postcards
5. Renew my friendship with my cousins (whom I never get to see)

I may add to this list as the week goes by, but this is a good start.

Monday, June 25, 2001


Ya know, I was compiling a list of things to gripe about.
You know, my usual complain-blog.

Anyhoo, I was web-surfing (my usual) when I came across this article. It's about a girl who lost her father in a plane crash a couple of months ago.

And I'm thinking: Here I am, bitching about not having a job, my parents, my hair, etc., while this girl my own age just lost her father, her best friend. She is missing him horribly.

I am so lucky, and yet I have the nerve to complain.

It makes me wonder what the heck I'm doing here.

So, no gripe posts today. (Sorry.) I just can't justify it.
Too think.....

Must bed......